Tuesday, March 22, 2011

a romantic spectrum

I'm startled by how these 'vertical sentences' can evoke so much imagery.  Perhaps there's just enough structure to free me up.  Today sentences are album and song titles, taken in order from my electronic music library.

In that liminal moment, you stared at me
the heart of our relationship suddenly broken,
glass at our feet and in our fingers.
All I cared for had fallen away,
my carefully hung curtains hiding
doors I didn't know existed.
Any last thoughts of staying vanished, suddenly
given wings to fly.  Which
day is it, and how did we come to this?


Where we met, along the river,
the mud is thick.  Even the
internet can't penetrate.  Between our toes, the mud
cools us, we amble
downstream as the wind blows up.
Futuradio will see this walk as a
sweet throwback.


Say you'll bring me that strange green flower!
Hey - I bet the florist knows what it is.
I won't accept roses, or convention.  It's
got to be just us - a
love unlike any other, no bridesmaids, color-themed weddings, reception halls
for our wedding.  I knew that's what I wanted when I cast my lot with

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