Sunday, April 24, 2011

dandelion gestalt

This week,
dandelions thrust from their crevice between street and concrete sidewalk -
a bright splash, happy faces of color -
where there hadn't been any for months.

We've been craving spring, it's at least a month behind last year (which was also late).

So stark in that moment when I first saw them -
I was a wreck, it was the only joyous thing I saw that day,
and almost an insult to my grief and anger.

Now they're scattered throughout the neighborhood, probably shivering on every windswept lawn,
but there nonetheless.
Already I'm looking past them, reducing their status from: exuberant harbingers of spring to: weed.

My grief has healed, too, dried up abruptly with some timely news.
Already I'm racing forward, but I'll keep those bleak images to ward off the inevitable:
abundance breeding carelessness.

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